John Darnielle on Amnesiac

The older Last Plane to Jakarta archives are not the easiest thing on the internet to navigate (although the effort, should you expend it, is extraordinarily worthwhile). This means it’s not trivial to find and read John Darnielle’s writings on the topic of Amnesiac; even an old Metafilter post on the subject now has broken links. And the internet is supposed to make everything trivial.

It is my duty, therefore, to present nice orderly links to said writings:

2001-09-16 - The Lake Isle of Radiohead.
2001-09-30 - Amnesiac 2: the Widening Gyre.
2001-10-14 - Amnesiac 3: Pulk.
2001-11-11 - Amnesiac 4: Sick.
2001-12-02 - Amnesiac 5: Wrong.
2001-12-16 - Amnesiac 6: Knives.
2002-01-13 - Amnesiac 7: Morning.
2002-01-27 - Amnesiac 8/9: Dollars.
2002-02-10 - Amnesiac 10: Spinning.
2002-02-25 - Amnesiac 11: Glass.

(I’ve taken the liberty of correcting a typo and changing the dates to a less ambiguous format.)

If you’re interested in John Darnielle OR Radiohead OR music writing, I recommend that you read this stuff. If you’re interested in all three, I command it.